• Learn from our professional and educated teachers
  • Become an expert in your field
  • We recognize your career through you

We are Providing :

    8, 9, 10 – Regular tuition and targeted preparation for Boards and foundation work for entrance exams based on CBSE syllabus

    11, 12 – Targeted preparation for Boards with Practicals and thorough coaching for State & National entrances based on NCERT syllabus

    Fields we major in: Engineering, medical, pure sciences, architecture, design, social sciences, management, finance and economics, marine, law, mass media and communication

    Career advice based on student’s interests and abilities, subject-wise performance analysis and stabilizing thought process through adaptive learning

    Our staff consists of experienced specialists for Boards and working professionals for Entrance Exams whereby real-time competition can be simulated to the students.

Education is the movement from darkness to light.

What we believe in?

Every child is unique and possesses a distinguished forte in his educational pursuit

Students should be able to discover what they are best at

No field could be wrong, if the student loves it

If you don’t question the noise your vehicle makes, you’ll never know what is wrong with it.

Above all, we don’t expect another Gandhi or Lincoln, but the best of you.

Who are we?

Being a sister concern of the Creative Academy, we have an affiliation in setting careers since the last 25 years. While shallow promises of entrance coaching were not enough, we took a step and understood the hassles of traveling to different classes for different exams. We then thought of offering teaching, training & preparation under one roof. That’s not enough, all this for all competitive entrance exams. Everyone can be an advisor, mentor, teacher or a counselor but we befriend the student and grasp their difficulties better since we belong to their generation. As friends we can not only solve their academic issues but also their adolescent issues.

Are you ready to start learning?